Cabin Top

The details are endless, after the boat has been plated all there really is, is a shell. Now we need to dress it up.


IMG_1475 (Small)

The cabin top was built in the shop, on rainy days, in parrallele with the deck plating. All the sides and deck beams had been Nc cut so it was more an assembly job that construction.

IMG_1477 (Small)

The cabins are all bolted to a flange welded to the deck. We wanted to keep the cabin tops removable for several reasons. We will not be limited during the construction or even later by the size of the hatch opening but also we wanted to replace the steel cabin tops by wood ones , down the road, we can. For now steel is faster an cheaper.

30_deck (Small)


Here are a few posts looking at some work and details regarding the cabin top

Getting ready for the blast

Not much new blasting and painting

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