Closer to being a SAILboat


One more milestone! Today we picked up the two first sails for our boat… Holyshit… It’s becoming more and more real! I have a completed hull, it has an engine, a mast, now we have a couple sails.

A godforsaken cold day seemed perfect to make the drive to Kingston, hangout at the loft, go for coffe and talk about rigging. It is always so interesting to chat with Andy about sails and rig; we are fortunate having someone so passionate and knowledgeable involved in our project.

Andy’s new loft. To make it extra special, our sails were the first to be completed here.

Light Jib No1. Also the first sail made for our boat. This jib is made of lighter material then the rest of our canvas, it’s a huge jib for light wind conditions.

Two jibs in the bag… The size of it is slightly scary. Every once in a while we get reminded this boat is not small…. The wrapped up spools of cloth on the left side of the photo should become our staysail and our main.

Technically, sail plans. Practically, discussion material.

Next, we need to finalize a list of blocks and decide how we want to build them. Our rig will need about 60 of those… Be ready. Soon to come: Murielle’s block chain production.

Thoughts and discussions on napkins

The traditional sailmaker’s tag

Once more we came back from Kingston with much to ponder about and some renewed enthusiasm.

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