Keel and Stem

Keel and Stem

20050822_010Here’s the keel!! We were so exited when that…piece of channel was laid. I had been starring at my drawings for so long by then that I didn’t need more to see the boat. It was there, clear and all in shape. I just couldn’t help continuously asking Mark: Do you see it? I may have a lot of imagination because I could see the boat on that channel.

Never less, that single piece of steel was the most critical to position. For any kind of precise assembly you need a reference to which all other elements are localized to avoid adding up error by localizing all element arbitrary to each other. So here was my reference piece, the keel shoe angled at 85 degrees with the orientation of gravity. It turned out to be much more strait forward than I expected to position it. We used a good laser level, a long ruler and a bubble level.

On this picture I’m starting to build the dead wood of the keel which would than provide a strong point to start standing the ribs.


The stem!! I really wanted that piece to look like if it was made out of a solid piece of wood and was willing to do the extra work for that. It couldn’t be a simple box section to look right, I made some bevels like a wood stem would have. Anybody can decide for themselves if it has the looks of wood but for the solid part of things I’m pretty confident it’s solid. I spent a good week making this somewhat phallic sculpture.stem_shop20050927_012

Bringing this out of the shop we had a little choc from the size of it. The stem is over 15 ft high on it’s own so standing 6ft over the ground we were in for a bit of a panic concerning the size of the boat.20051004_029


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