An other Season of boat building

An other long time without any updates. The truth is that I haven’t worked on the boat over the last winter. The inneficiency of working in the freezing cold weather is just to frustrating and there is so much else to do. I have spent some time on planning some boat building but also did some more renovations on the house, kept up with the day to day tasks and played a lot. If it must be snowy and cold, must as well take advantage of it, because hopefully some day will live far far away from it… 🙂

Other winter happening, has been the creation of the Metal BoatBuilding web site. The Metal BoatBuilding web site is an awnser to the need of a dozen metal boat builders around the world for a virtual place where we could share our experiences, knowledge and questions. We wanted a site speciifically designed to welcome metal boat builders from all over the world on an even base. The site and forum are already very rich in information considering it was created in January.

Have a peak at the Metal BoatBuilding Site and if you have a metal boat building project to share about don’t hesitate to participate on the forum, blog or magazine (update: doesnt exist anymore):

MBB link
Hey, boat building season is back!…well it was back a few weeks ago but I caught a cold and was simply not into welding and grinding with the sniffles. So… the snow is gone, the grass is green and frozen finger tips are not a concern for the next few month, Murielle is back at it with her best buddies: the twin Grinders, Mr Plasma cutter, Miss buzz box and the Clamp team.

2009 will be our fifth year into the project, if I count the couple years designing the boat and setting up the Ovenden home to become the Ovenden Boatyard. At the start of the venture I had set up a web site for friends, family and who ever it would interest to follow our progress. As I am the queen of procrastination the site is rarely up to date but you can check it out if you want to see how a fifty foot steel hull appeared in our back yard.

A website is work to keep up with, I like doing it right but don’t have time to do it as well as I’d want. Consequently, I keep putting back posting updates on our boat building progress. I’m hoping a blog format will make it easier to keep our fan club 🙂 🙂 into the loop.

So here’s for my intro, for the rest of it…we’ll see, maybe I’ll beat my short attention span and find a few minutes here and there between, gardening, raising poultry, cooking, training the dog, hiking…and boat building to post about it.

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