Last view of an open inside, before I start welding in the two bulkheads and compartment the boat.

inside (Small)

The fitting of bulkheads. I cut my bulkhead plates based on measurements from the CAD model. The plates fit in without much adjustments. As I was to fit the bulkheads on my own, I figured it would be helpful to tack the framing in to hold the plate up. That worked very well.

IMG_0024 (Small)

While I was doing all this Mark was busy grinding the welds. Grind, grind, grind…non ending grinding

100_2662 (Small)

Smooth shiny seams

aft (Small)

The aft bulkhead on its way iin the boat.

100_2666 (Small)

This one was a little trickier to handle,it was a big plate in a small volume.

100_2668 (Small)

100_2672 (Small)

Aft bulkhead welded in. View in the engine/navigation room.

100_2858 (Small)

Looking back from the bow compartment at the main compartment. The two will be seperated by a water titgh door..

100_2851 (Small)

The bulwarks needed a finish touch too.

100_2658 (Small)

The small ledge will be used to used to bolt down a wood cap.

100_2533 (Small)

When finished it should sort of look like this

100_2536 (Small)

 In the fall of 2007 we had to say goodbye to our old dog Moon. We knew it was coming, but were to naive to realize how much it was going to affect us. I have spent 11 years with Moon by my side, I should of known it was going to take some time to find myself after loosing her. I haden’t thought that loosing my buddy could affect so much the project, but it did. The winter has been very slow, I temporarly lost my drive and interest in the boat. I spent a lot of time building a new relationship with our puppy, Marley. Things are changed but I am now back in the groove and more than ever want to get the boat done.  

200706_022 (Small)

My first winter (07-08) has been building a hatch for bow. Unfortanately I don’t like it so much. Eventually, I’d really like to make one out of wood or at least aluminum to make it lighter. That will probably not happen before the boat goes in the water. This picture shows well why I don’t like working in the shop in the winter; the welding fumes make it way to smoky.

20080115_015 (Small)

A little more dressed up deck

IMG_0907 (Small)

The front hatch in place

IMG_0906 (Small)

I also made the chainplates over the winter. Fancy, aren’t they? It will be those sort of details that will give the boat it’s classic look. I really don’t want to skimp on giving it its style.

20080115_020 (Small)


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